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4 Tips for Healthy Skin

Posted on 23 November 2016




Skin care has always been a passion of mine. Many people ask me for product recommendations or a good skin care routine and over the years, I have realized that no products or routine would be effective without following these 5 basic skin care tips. These tips can fit into any budget and do not require a special trip to the store. Keep reading to learn how to keep your skin healthy and glowing!



4. Sun Protection



This, my friends, is a must. Sun exposure causes about 80% of premature aging. Also, the UV rays from sunlight are a known carcinogen and can cause eye damage. They also contribute to hyperpigmentation and capillary damage. I will write a dedicated blog post about sun exposure and sunscreen but for now, I recommend sun protection factor (SPF) 30. Also, if you want a physical sunscreen, look for a micronized formula with zinc. If you prefer the feel of chemical sunscreens, avoid oxybenzone and octylmethoxycinnamate (octinoxate). And remember, UVA (dubbed the aging UV rays) can travel through clouds, glass, and even water! Wear sunscreen everyday, folks.  



 3. Healthy Diet



Its no surprise that a balanced diet will help your skin looking its healthiest. Eating a proper diet will help your skin regulate oil production and function correctly. Your skin is the largest organ and has the critical job of protecting your body from the outside elements, to include sun exposure and pollution. Your skin also works around the clock to regulate your body temperature and connect you to the world through touch and feel sensations. Eating a well-balanced diet allows you to properly nurture your skin and in turn, it will perform like a champion. Be sure to avoid sugar, alcohol, and dairy. Yes, avoid dairy! I know it seems difficult, almost impossible, to avoid dairy but once you commit, it will be worth the effort. Dairy causes internal inflammation and for many people, including myself, it can manifest itself on your skin in the form of redness and breakouts. If you're struggling with rosacea or acne, cut dairy out for two weeks and see if that helps. All in all, a healthy diet is necessary for healthy skin. After all, you are what you eat.



2. Sleep




If you haven't figured it out already, they call it beauty sleep for a reason. When you sleep, your body repairs itself and your skin recovers from the sun and other environmental toxins. Without adequate sleep, your skin is unable to properly repair itself and this can accelerate signs of aging including fine lines and dullness. The amount of sleep needed varies for each person, however, seven or eight hours may be a good guideline to follow. I know, there are not enough hours in the day, but sleeping is time well spent; it is good for your mind and your skin.



1. Hydrate



Water may seem like an obvious recommendation for healthy skin but people simply do not drink enough! I always have my handy water bottle with me and sometimes I still do not drink what I should. Some say you should drink to thirst, some say to drink a gallon a day! I personally strive to drink a gallon but I'll be honest with you, I rarely make it that far. I will admit, however, the closer I get to a gallon, the better I feel. I truly feel more energized when I'm properly hydrated. When I'm dehydrated, not only am I lethargic, but my skin is dry, my lips are flaky and chapped, and those dreaded fine lines are more pronounced. I even notice that my eyes look  a little drained. For the sake of your skin, drink more water! A good rule of thumb is that your urine should be practically clear to a little yellow. Remember, your body is approximately 65 percent water and all your cells need water to survive. So make like Bobby Boucher and drink some high quality H20.




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